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Success Stories

We attribute much of our success to the close professional relationships we enjoy with our clients. We aim to do everything we can to create a successful working partnership because we know from experience that this approach gets results.

Our group have more than 500 clients in various areas of our services. Following is a brief list of our clients:

Saga Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Sublime Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Forta Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Eureka Industries
Arkay Pak Instruments (Pvt) Ltd.
Caslow (Pvt) Ltd.
Ennoble International (Pvt) Ltd.
Limton (Pvt) Ltd.
Himalya International (Pvt) Ltd.
Sky Hawk International (Pvt) Ltd.
Surgicon (Pvt) Ltd.
Chaplet International (Pvt) Ltd.
Alberta Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Aleem Usman Tanneries
Arshad Enterprises
Bhinder Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.
Bilal Impex
Bindoo Industries
Brother Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
Brown Angelo Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
C.A. Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Chevren Leather Enterprises
Combined Instruments (Pvt) Ltd.
Dynamic Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Eternity Sports
Expert Medical Devices
Global Imports
Good Nice Enterprises
Himalaya Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
Isra Sports
Ittefaq Rubber Works
J.J.Martial Arts & Sports Goods Co.
Janjua (Overseas) Corporation
K.M. Ashraf & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
K.T. Surgico (Pvt) Ltd.
Kabir Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Kh. Mubarik Ali & Co.
Khason Sports
Knife Craft Company
Leader Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.
Leather Fashion (Pvt) Ltd.
Leather Masters (Pvt) Ltd.
Libermann International
Loyal Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Lucky Traders
Mallhi Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Maqbool Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Mirage Mehra (Pvt) Ltd.
Miraj Mehra Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
Mirza Leathers
Modesty Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Moltex Sporting Goods (Pvt) Ltd.
Mughal Brothers
New Port Commercial (Pvt) Ltd.
Nizam Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
Pakistan Cargo (Pvt) Ltd.
Pokal Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Protech Leather Apperals  (Pvt) Ltd.
Qaiser & Co.
Rasco Impex
Recto Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Reem Express (Pvt) Ltd.
Royal Beauty (Pvt) Ltd.
Royal Cosmo (Pvt) Ltd.
Saga Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.
Saga Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
Sandal Sports (Pvt) Ltd.
Shafiq & Company
Smicor Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Sports Technics (Pvt) Ltd.
Starmed Engineering  (Pvt) Ltd.
Steeden Enterprises
Sufal Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Acme (Pvt) Ltd.
Technics De Textile
Union Chemical Company
Vision Technologies Corp. (Pvt) Ltd.
Yadgar Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.
Himalya Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Hive International (Pvt) Ltd.
Kamran Surgical (Pvt) Ltd.
New Mark Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Royal Aviation (Pvt) Ltd.
Soccer Connection (Pvt) Ltd.
Sky Hawk International (Pvt) Ltd.
True-Dynamic International (Pvt) Ltd.

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