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Acitivaion Request Form

Follow these instructions:

  1. Find the serial number of your product on the bottom of the product box, or on the Activation Request Form included in the box.

  2. To submit the Activation Request Form online, go to step 3 now; OR, fill in and fax us the Activation Request Form included in the product box, at 0092 52 4273904 , and then go to step 5.
  1. Complete the online Activation Request Form. Make sure you:

    1. Fill out the required (bold) fields on the form.
    2. Enter your correct e-mail address. We cannot send you the activation code without it.
  2. fter completing the form, click the Submit button and follow the instructions on the Confirmation page.

Important: If you have more than one product to activate, you may be able to avoid re-entering most of the information on the Activation Request form. After submitting the form, click your browser's Back button twice, and enter the new product information. When finished, submit the form again.

  1. A Customer Service Representative will send you an email containing your activation code within three business days of receiving the form.

  2. Follow the instructions provided with the product to complete the installation.

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