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Without Learning, a software become a mess rather than a helping tool. WisAcc is very easy to use and also offers various types of learning methods including:
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • easyTip - Field Level Help
  • Tips at startup
  • Complete Software Manual
  • Learning Movies
We also offer specially designed on-site and on-line training to our customer. which includes:
  • Training Classes
  • Hands-On Training on Specific Tasks
  • Training Seminars to introduce new features

Regular Training includes

Super-User Training – This is high-level training for those staff who will be heavily involved in the system set-up and ongoing management.

End-User Training – This is the detailed training required for all users of the system. If our clients have the resources and capabilities they may opt for a train the trainer approach where one or more of the super-users trained as described above will provide the end-user training. Alternatively we are happy to provide this service.

System Administrator Training - This is the training that may be required for any IT or System Management staff. Typically this will incorporate such issues as security, back ups, restores, user management etc.

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