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Financial Modules

At the core of the WisAcc™, General Ledger has most reliable and accurate tools and forms that consolidate all of your information in one place.  Your bank accounts, credit card charges, deposits, payroll checks and expenses are all tracked and tied directly to your General Ledger. No more shifting through paper statements to find a single equipment purchase or deposit date.No more tedious calculations to add up all of the bills. No more fragmented systems, with inherent re-keying, and transfer of data from multiple sources. Set up recurring transactions to eliminate repetitive tasks.  Create analytical reports, charts and budgets with full integration with MS Office. View and print both segmented and consolidated financial statements including Trial Balance, Profit & Loss account, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements

Main Features

Multi Segment Chart of Accounts provide specialized functionality to maintain Departments, Branches & Locations. View Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and other Financial Reports by segments or in consolidated form.
Flexible Alpha-Numeric Numbering of GL Account.
Maintain unlimited Accounting Periods within a Fiscal Year. Allows closing & Opening of Accounting Periods to restrict users from entering closed periods and enter data in only opened Periods.
Flexible Smart tools to help you easily create multiple Accounting periods with a click.
Flexible Monthly Budgets allows you to define monthly Budgets for each Account in General Ledger in a intuitive way and to compare them with actual numbers.
Seamless Integration with other modules Automatically create General Entries from transactions at Sales, Purhases, Payroll and Inventory. Manage Your Finances in better way by having all the transactions entered through out the WisAcc modules at one place.
Recuring entries to automtically enter recurring expenses.

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