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Using WisAcc™ Payroll, make expensive and time-consuming payroll processes a snap. Stop spending money every month on outsourcing payroll when you have the right tools to make it easy to manage.  Not only will you save money on a costly payroll service, you’ll get a centralized view of each employee. Access everything from their contact information to their birthday, and then switch seamlessly to their time sheets and paychecks. This is all in a secured environment so you can choose the people who will have access to these areas.

Main Features

Create and edit unlimited number of paychecks.
Includes a log to track notes regarding employee performance, etc.
Attach Paycheck to a Job.
Access Employee data from the paycheck form.
Select from a range of pay periods such as daily, weekday, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually that can be set for each Employee.
The ability to change paycheck taxes, earnings or deductions while creating Paychecks.
Ability to manually override any calculated paycheck amounts.
Ability to assign paychecks to Job costing.
Recalculate a paycheck using default values or manually added values.
Ability to void paychecks.
Select Recap to view all accounts that will be impacted after the Paycheck is posted.
The ability to select a different bank account from paycheck form
View additional payroll details on an Employee such as vacation, year to date earnings and even Employer Liability totals from within the Paycheck form.
View previous paycheck history in the Paycheck form.
Print a range of Paychecks from the Paycheck form
Weekly and Daily Time Sheets that can calculate Hourly pay, Sick pay, Vacation pay, Overtime pay, and Double Time pay.
Ability to use default hours for each employee.
Easily pull in Time Sheet data while in the paycheck form.
Create an unlimited amount of Worker’s Compensation Codes to be used in the different Time Sheets.  It helps to know that which work is done in how much time.
Daily Time Sheets are used to enter daily detail of work done by employee specially categorized by Worker Compensation Code and Job.
Through the Print Paychecks form you can print a range of paychecks or a single check.
Flexible and Powerful Payroll Setup Options:
Unlimited Payroll Groups:
The Payroll Groups form is used to setup groups or templates of existing payroll types including Earnings, Taxes, Deductions and Time Offs. This makes adding new employees in the future much faster and more accurate.
Create an unlimited number of Pay Groups and assign employees to various groups.
Process Pay Groups gives you the flexibility to generate a large number of paychecks, by group, plus the ability to review and make any last minute changes to the hours worked.
Unlimited Payroll Type
Payroll Earnings:
Earnings can be used to track Salaries, Various Types of Allowances, Bonus, etc.
Create Unlimited Earning Types and directly associate Taxes on Earnings.
Multiple Earning Types including Hourly Rate, Annual Salary and Fixed Amount.
Attach each earning to different Account, if required to track in General Ledger.
Payroll Deductions :
Ability to have Employee Deductions and Company Deductions.
Deductions can be used to track different kind of deduction, e.g., Advances, Absentees, penalties, Pension, Employee Security, etc.
Create Unlimited deduction Types and directly associate Taxes on Deductions.
Multiple Deduction Types including Hourly Rate, Annual Salary and Fixed Amount.
  Attach each deduction to different Account, if required to track in General Ledger.
  Ability to limit Maximum Deduction.
  Deductions can be based on a Start and End date.
Payroll Taxes:
Define unlimited Taxes to track With-holding Taxes, or other Taxes that may apply to Employees earnings.
Taxes can be of Two Main Types. Charged to Employer or Charged to Employee.
Choose from a range of calculation types such as fixed amount, hourly amount, hourly percent, percent, state, county, and local when creating a Tax Type.
Ability to modify Tax Types and create whatever additional types are necessary for your company such as State Income Tax, SUTA, etc .
Debit Taxes to separate Accounts to pay Govt. without any problem
Assign Limits to Taxes.
Time Offs :
Flexible Time Off types to track Vacation, Sick Time and other time off.
Payroll Time Off types is used to track vacation, sick and leave of absence
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