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The following is a simple five-step process to successfully analyzing, selecting, implementing and using a new accounting system.

Step 1: Preplanning
This includes a review of your current system’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the initial list of what you want to do with your new system but were unable to do with your old system.

Step 2: Intelligence gathering
Information is critical to sound decision-making. The more and better information you can obtain now about the various systems being considered will help you in the long run.

Step 3: Analysis
Careful review of the information gathered is necessary to make sound decisions. It is the most important step. As it determine which software will fulfill the organizational needs. This step should always be performed by trained and experienced personnel.

Step 4: Implementation
Once a software solution has been chosen, implementation should begin. This may last weeks or months, and include data conversion, user training and other elements.

Step 5: Post-implementation review
This step includes the ongoing monitoring and review of the system. Is it performing as expected? What elements need to be modified, changed or customized? What optional elements can be added to further enhance system performance?

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